Violence Flares Again on Gaza Border

Four Palestinians are reported to have been killed by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) during another day of violent protests at the Gaza border with Israel on Friday 26th October.

In response, Islamic Jihad launched some 39 rockets at Israel, 2 of which fell short, 17 were intercepted and the other 20 landed mostly in open ground, resulting in 6 Israelis being injured.

That rocket fire prompted another response by the IDF early on Saturday morning. It is reported to have carried out as many as 80 air strikes against Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza, including a building that served as Hamas Security Service’s headquarters in the al-Daraj neighbourhood. Israel holds Hamas responsible for all attacks launched from Gaza.

Those air strikes by the IDF appear to have resulted in Islamic Jihad accepting a ceasefire agreement with Israel, prompted by the Egyptians who are working hard to prevent another full-scale war breaking out.

Sadly that ceasefire broke down when the IDF killed 3 Palestinian youths as they were “apparently involved in placing an improvised explosive device” adjacent to the border fence.

It remains to be seen whether the Egyptians can prevail upon both Hamas and Islamic Jihad to avoid yet another round of retaliation.