New Outbreak of Terror Attacks

A Palestinian man tried to ram his car into a group of Israeli soldiers near the city of Ramallah in the West Bank this afternoon, in what was the third terror attack of the day. The Israelis opened fire, killing him without serious injury to themselves.

In a previous attack, near the same location this morning, two Palestinian terrorists shot at a group of Israeli soldiers guarding a bus stop, killing two of them and seriously injuring a third as well as a civilian woman. The terrorists left their car and escaped on foot towards Ramallah. The Israelis are currently engaged in a major search operation, seeking to capture them.

Investigation of the scene of the attack this morningThe scene of this morning’s attack at the bus stop (photo: AFP).

In today’s other incident, a terrorist was shot dead in the Old City of Jerusalem having stabbed two Border Police officers. The police officers were only lightly wounded, but shot their attacker during the struggle that took place.

One reason for today’s terror attacks would seem to be a couple of successes for Israel’s security forces. They killed Ashraf Na’alwa at a house in the Askar refugee camp early this morning, having been searching for him for two months since he murdered two Israelis who were his work colleagues in the Barkan industrial area.

The Israelis also killed Salih Omar Barghouti, the terrorist who shot seven people in a drive-by shooting attack on a bus stop outside of Ofra on Sunday night. The seven wounded included a woman who was 30-weeks pregnant and whose baby has died after being delivered in an emergency operation.

One of the troubling aspects of these attacks is the attitude of the Palestinians towards them. Early today the Hamas Twitter account displayed the following tweet:

“Hamas announces with great pride the death of its martyr Salih Omar Barghouti,
the perpetrator of the heroic Ofra operation.”

And the Fatah Facebook page displayed a photo of Ashraf Na’alwa, describing him as a heroic self-sacrificing fighter and claiming that he:

“died as a Martyr during an invasion of the new Askar refugee camp in Nablus.”

Thus the Palestinians continue to glorify terrorism and incite others to follow the example of those they describe as martyrs.