Jeremy Hunt’s Passover Message

This week the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, celebrated Passover at Westminster Synagogue.

In his 2-minute speech he noted that since the Israelites’ escape from oppression by the Egyptian Pharaoh in ancient times “there have been more Pharaohs, more oppressors.”

He went on to speak in moving terms about his visit to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the feelings that provoked.

His central point was that:

“Passover is a story of hope after persecution – a journey and then freedom.”

“And that journey happened not just 3,000 years ago, but at the end of the Second World War
when the Jewish people came through the Holocaust and escaped to
the freedom of the modern State of Israel 
– a thriving democracy, a huge, huge achievement,
not just for Jewish people, but for all humanity, it’s been set up and so successful.”