Conservative Leadership Contenders Praise Israel

In the midst of the selection process for the next leader of the Conservative Party – and the next Prime Minister of the UK – the two candidates have both written letters to supporters of Conservative Friends of Israel outlining their views on Israel and plans to support the Jewish community in the UK.

Jeremy Hunt and Boris JohnsonJeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson

Jeremy Hunt wrote that he is a ‘strong supporter’ of Conservative Friends of Israel, and underlined his thinking that ‘the ongoing relationship’ between the UK and Israel is incredibly important.

He described the UK’s friendship with Israel as being based on a historic admiration for what Israel has achieved against all the odds; noting that:

‘Despite the challenges of geography, history, and threats to its very existence,
Israel has thrived as a modern, prosperous, high-tech country.’

In his letter, Boris Johnson expressed his deep admiration for Conservative Friends of Israel, stating that the UK’s relationship with Israel ‘makes us Brits safer and more prosperous.’

He wrote that we are better off standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel because of a record level of bilateral trade and the close cooperation of our security services, as well as the Israeli medical equipment and software we use daily.

And went on to say that he admires:

‘the courage, determination and robustness of the Israeli state,
which is the only true democracy in the region.’

These two letters followed Conservative Friends of Israel’s husting events with both of the leadership contenders over the last fortnight.