God`s continued purpose for Israel

Just over a week ago Christian Friends of Israel UK (CFI UK) held our annual conference in Eastbourne, with guest speakers Dr Calvin L Smith of King’s Evangelical Divinity School and Jonathan Farrell of StandWithUs UK.

Over three sessions on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September, Calvin Smith highlighted the importance of considering the ‘big picture’ that emerges from the Bible and the fact that Israel is an enduring theme within that big picture – starting in the Book of Genesis and running right through to the Book of Revelation.

Many prophecies indicate that, far from being replaced by the Church, Israel still has an important role to play in the Last Days – a role that involves Israel as a nation. These prophecies indicate that, in addition to working at the level of the individual, the community and the whole cosmos, God also works at a national level, dealing with whole nations.

Calvin’s coverage of these topics gave us much ‘food for thought’ over the conference weekend.

Looking at Israel from a different perspective, Jonathan Farrell spoke about the situation on the UK’s university campuses. He highlighted the prejudice and hostility that many Jewish students encounter during their degree courses, alongside others who take a positive stance towards the modern State of Israel. Speaking from his experience of helping to counter such anti-Semitism, Jonathan described the major challenges that he and his colleagues face in their work.

In addition to the sessions featuring our guest speakers, there was a presentation on the work of CFI UK, which included a useful video summary of some of the things we have done so far this year. That video is embedded here for your interest.

Please note: the first 12 seconds of the video are silent.