The Real Situation in Gaza?

Hamas is a terrorist group intent on the destruction of the State of Israel. It has ruled Gaza with an ‘iron fist’ since 2007, appearing to systematically exploit humanitarian assistance by using materials designated for civilians in its campaign of terror, e.g. building tunnels into Israel.

It is hard to tell what life is really like in Gaza, because Hamas strives to control all the information coming out of the Strip; thus limiting what Western media can publish. But the narrative portrayed by the Western media tends to be sensationalist and simply doesn’t fit the facts.

This video by J-TV is an attempt to explore the reality.

Note that in 2018 Forbes ranked Hamas the third wealthiest terror organization, with an estimated annual income of $700 million.

So, one has to ask why the living conditions in Gaza are portrayed as being so poor when some evidence suggests otherwise. One video tweeted in June 2019 reveals a very Western-style supermarket challenge.

Then there are news reports from March 2019 that show scenes of violence meted out against protesters in Gaza in March this year – Gazan people who were protesting about poor living conditions and Hamas’ rule in the Strip.

i24 News clip from March 2019

It is not easy to discern the real situation in Gaza, but it looks to be extremely difficult for the ordinary people who live there.