Palestinian Officials Praise Mother of Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority (PA) policy of rewarding terrorism has concerned many people for years now, particularly in light of foreign government denials that aid money helps to support this policy.

The policy was highlighted again recently when the PA’s Prime Minister praised the mother of six terrorists who are responsible for at least ten murders between them.

The official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, reported on 25th October that the prime minister visited Um Nasser Abu Hmeid and said:

“I convey to you the blessings of President Mahmoud Abbas, and emphasize to you that we will
remain loyal to our commitments to our prisoners and martyrs and their families …”

PA Prime Minister praises mother of six terrorists Prime Minister praises mother of six terrorists (photo courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch)

He also described Um Nasser as:

“A school for patience, and we learn perseverance and resolve from her …”

Thus Muhammad Shtayyeh, the PA Prime Minister, held this woman up as a role model for other Palestinian women – the implication being that others should encourage their sons to become terrorists.

Not only does the PA pay terrorists generous salaries while they are in prison in Israel, it also ensures they find jobs upon their release, and even rebuilds their houses free of charge when Israel demolishes them.

Thus it was that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas recently ordered the family home to be rebuilt after the Israelis had demolished it for a fourth time, in an attempt to dissuade the family from further acts of terrorism.

But what is most troubling about this is the support for the policy that Mahmoud Abbas recently received at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

Abbas was applauded when he said:

“Even if I had only one penny, I would’ve given it to the families
of the martyrs, prisoners and heroes.”

The PA seems to have managed to redefine the terms ‘martyrs’ and ‘heroes’, in addition to grossly undervaluing its citizens who wish to live in peace with their neighbours.