Shocking Bias from Amnesty International

In one of the clearest recent examples of attitudes amongst so-called ‘Human Rights’ organisations, yesterday morning Amnesty International demonstrated its shocking bias against Israel when it tweeted:

Tweet by Amnesty International


At that point in the morning of 12th November, Israel had already endured more than 3 hours of rocket fire from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, who were responding to the targeted killing of one of their leaders by the Israelis.

As usual that terrorist rocket fire was indiscriminate. It was not aimed at members of the Israel Defence Forces, but was simply aimed at a variety of places in Israel with the intention of causing panic among the civilian population.

The contrast between that indiscriminate rocket fire and the targeted firing by the Israelis is huge. The Israelis are carefully targeting terrorists and trying to avoid civilian casualties – as has been demonstrated repeatedly during the 36 hours of the conflict so far. 

Yet Amnesty International accuse Israel of ‘displaying a shocking disregard for Palestinian lives’, and do not make any similar accusation against the terrorists who are firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel.

How is it that a ‘human rights’ organisation can show such bias in favour of terrorists?

It is not surprising that Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations has described Amnesty International’s statement as “shameful and repulsive!”

Tweet by Danny Danon