Potential Breakthrough in Treating Migraine

A company based in Israel has developed the Nerivio Migra, which is an electroceutical device that is controlled by a smartphone and seems to have the potential to make a big impact on the treatment of migraine.

Earlier this year it was selected as one of Time magazine’s 100 best inventions for 2019, and now the developer has been chosen by US company CB Insights as one of next year’s 36 startup ‘game changers’ – another example of Israel’s reputation as the ‘startup nation.’

The Nerivio Migra was developed by Theranica and has been cleared for release in the USA, with a rollout planned for April 2020.

Alon Ironi, CEO and co-founder of Theranica, says that in trials the average reduction of the use of medication was 85 percent, which is particularly helpful for patients at risk of overuse of medication.

The device triggers a mechanism in the brain stem that results in ‘conditioned pain modulation.’

Here is a short explanation by Alon Ironi: