Boris Johnson’s Chanukah Message

The Prime Minister has sent an important message to the Jewish community in the UK at the start of their Chanukah celebrations.

In doing so, Boris Johnson has shown himself to be a Prime Minister who understands not only what Chanukah really means, but also its relevance to the situation today in which so many Jewish people feel under threat because of increasing antisemitism.

He said that it is a time to celebrate not just the miracle of the oil (which lasted for eight days instead of just one) but also the unique identity of the Jewish people.

He acknowledged in very clear language that:

“in the media, on the streets and particularly online, anti-Semites have, in alarming numbers,
been emboldened to crawl out from under their rocks and begin, once again,
to spread their brand of noxious hatred far and wide.”

But he also stated that the Jewish people in the UK do not stand alone as they seek to drive back the darkness of antisemitism.