Trouble Flares for USA in Iraq

Trouble has flared up around the American Embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad this morning after the USA struck targets belonging to Kataeb Hezbollah in Iraq on Sunday. The situation looks to be EXTREMELY tense with members of embassy staff under threat as supporters of Iran show their anger over the deaths of around 25 members of the militia group.

Protest in Iraq against the American actionProtest in Iraq against the American action. (AP/Ali Abdul Hassan)

Thousands of protesters are said to be involved and have broken through some of the perimeter defences.

The way the Americans respond to this threat will be crucial for the whole region, and possibly the whole world. Because a major power struggle is developing in the Middle East.

Another indication of that struggle comes as Iran seized yet another tanker in the Persian Gulf and also started a joint naval exercise with Russia and China in the northern part of the Indian Ocean. That exercise is planned to last four days, with the aim of boosting the security of the region’s waterways.

It is highly significant to see Iran in such close co-operation with Russia and China.