Remembering the Holocaust

Today is International Holocaust Memorial Day, which this year marks 75 years since the Nazi Concentration Camp at Auschwitz was liberated and the horrific death toll of 1,100,000 people started to become apparent.

That horrendous death toll included 960,000 Jews, a substantial portion of the total number killed by the Nazis and their collaborators, which is estimated to be up to 6 million. A precise number is not available as the Nazis did not keep full records.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend today`s national Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative ceremony in Westminster. The Duke will give a reading and the couple will meet Holocaust survivors and survivors of subsequent genocides.

The ceremony is run by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, of which the Prince of Wales is patron.

The Duchess of Cambridge has taken ‘personal’ portrait photographs of two Holocaust survivors in a contribution to an exhibition marking 75 years since the end of the genocide.

The duchess said that Steven Frank and Yvonne Bernstein are “two of the most life-affirming people that I have had the privilege to meet.”

Another survivor is Max Eisen who was taken to Auschwitz at the age of 15. He still carries his “worst memory” of seeing his mother walking with his two younger brothers and baby sister towards the gas chamber.

Over the last two decades he has been brave enough to go back to Auschwitz to tell his story and join the March of the Living. He tells something of his story in the BBC video below.