Palestinian Authority Encourages More Terrorism

Last week Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported the fact that the Palestinian Authority (PA) spent at least 669 million shekels ($193.6 million) on ‘allowances’ to terrorists and the families of dead terrorists through its ‘Pay-for-Slay’ policy in 2019.

PMW analysis of PA payments to terroristsPMW analysis of PA payments to terrorists

Therefore, according to Israeli law, the Defence Minister, Naftali Bennet, should present the National Security Cabinet with the case for deducting the same amount of money from the monthly tax transfers Israel makes to the PA.

That the international community is willing to allow this PA policy to continue is scandalous given the huge sums of money given in aid.

And another major concern is that the PA are continuing to encourage terrorist attacks against Israel through their education system. UK MP Robert Halfon said recently that he fears children in Palestinian Authority schools are being taught that it is honourable to commit violent acts against Israelis.”

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Jewish MP raised the issue of UK aid money paying for the salaries of teachers in PA schools, saying at least 31 of those schools were named after terrorists who killed innocent citizens.

Mr Halfon added:

“Instead of prolonging the conflict by supporting such rhetoric,
we must do more to press the Palestinians to stop glorifying terrorists
and to use our aid as it is meant to be used.”

He is not the only one concerned about the PA education system. A recent report from the Centre for Near East Policy Research highlighted four ways in which the children are encouraged to engage in violence towards Israelis.

  • A terrorist who killed many Jewish children is featured in textbooks with calls to emulate the act;
  • Newton’s law of physics is demonstrated with a picture of an Arab shooting a slingshot at Israeli soldiers;
  • an example for the word “beautiful” is “shahid” meaning martyr;
  • textbooks do not refer to Israel by name, and instead call it “Zionist Occupier”.

Surely there is no hope for peace between Israel and its neighbours while these PA policies continue.