Israel to have Unity Government

Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz have signed a deal to form an emergency unity government. That deal will see them rotating the leadership of Israel, with Benjamin Netanyahu to be the first to fill the role of Prime Minister.

This will bring great relief to most Israelis who desperately wanted to avoid a fourth election and have a fully functional government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Gantz and Netanyahu sign dealThe deal was signed at the Prime Minister`s residence on Monday night (photo EPA).

Some Israelis are angry with Benny Gantz for going into partnership with his political opponent, accusing him of betraying those who supported the Blue & White party in the elections.

But others will think that there was little choice in the midst of a pandemic that is having a huge impact upon the country’s economy.

The deal means that Benjamin Netanyahu can proceed with his plans to annex areas in the disputed territories. He also has a promise of elections if Israel’s High Court disqualifies him from office because of his indictment on corruption charges.