Israel Defends Three Attacks in One Week

On Monday 27th July, Israel came under attack from the north, where Lebanese sources said Hezbollah carried out an operation against the Israeli military. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that there had been a “security incident” on the northern border with Lebanon, involving an exchange of fire with Hezbollah militants as they tried to launch an attack.

Israel’s N12 TV News said the IDF foiled the attack, but still ordered Israeli residents in the area to stay indoors as a precaution. No casualties were reported.

Reuters quoted a witness in Lebanon as counting dozens of Israeli shells hitting the Shebaa Farms area.

Also from Syria

Late on Sunday 2nd August, Israel also came under attack from Syria, when four people crossed the border and planted explosives inside an unmanned IDF outpost.

Soldiers from the Maglan special forces unit and one of Israel’s aircraft opened fire on them, killing all four. The army later released video of the incident, which showed shadowy figures approaching the border fence and then being hit with a missile.

As yet the IDF are not certain as to which group the militants belonged.

And from Gaza too

Also on Sunday evening, a rocket was launched from Gaza, causing residents of Sderot and the surrounding communities of Ibim, Erez, Or Haner and Nir Am to take shelter. The rocket was destroyed by the Iron Dome defence system, but there was some damage to a car caused by shrapnel from the explosion.

As is usual with such attacks, the IDF responded with air strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza. On this occasion a cement factory used in the construction of tunnels and other ‘underground facilities’.

The general situation around Israel is now increasingly tense, with the added issues of political instability in Lebanon and the escalating fighting in Libya, which is giving the Egyptians significant cause for concern.