Heatwave Produces Wildfires in Israel

Right at the end of the Sukkot holiday (Feast of Tabernacles), thousands of Israelis have been evacuated from their homes as an autumn heatwave prompts multiple fires to flare up. Dozens of firefighting teams are involved in fighting the fires and a number of homes have been caught in the flames.

Fire near Nof Hagalil in northern IsraelFire near Nof Hagalil in northern Israel (photo: Nof Hagalil Council)

No casualties have been reported, but at least two people have suffered breathing difficulties from smoke inhalation.

One fire is burning near Nof Hagalil, near Nazareth in northern Israel, and another near the community of Kfar HaOranim, where 25 fire teams are said to be deployed and four homes are reported to have caught fire.

Flames threaten a house in Nof HagalilFlames threaten a house in Nof Hagalil

Another wildfire has broken out near the village of Umm-al-Qutuf, near highway 6, as well as a fourth near the Illut Tzipori junction, which is a smaller fire and only requires four fire teams for containment.

There are said to be more fires in other areas too, including the community of Mevo Dotan. So Israel Defence Forces personnel have been drafted in to help containment efforts.

Traffic has been directed away from the fires and residents in many communities have been asked to evacuate their homes.

Just as the daily number of COVID-19 infections seems to be declining, Israel now finds itself battling another major problem.