Glowing Tributes to Lord Jonathan Sacks

Lord Jonathan Sacks, the UK’s former chief rabbi, died on Saturday 7th November at the age of 72, about one month after being diagnosed with cancer.

He was a regular contributor to radio and TV programmes as well as being a prolific writer. He leaves behind his wife, Elaine Taylor, their three children and several grandchildren.

Lord Jonathan SacksLord Jonathan Sacks (photo: Jewish Chronicle)

Many have paid tribute to him since his death, including the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who opened Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, saying that Lord Sacks’ leadership had a profound impact on our whole country and across the world.

On 12th November, HRH Prince Charles wrote:

‘The death of Rabbi Lord Sacks is the most profound loss to the Jewish community, to this nation and to the world.
Those who knew him through his writings, sermons and broadcasts will have lost a source of unfailing wisdom,
sanity and moral conviction in often bewildering and confusing times.
Those who, like myself, had the privilege of knowing him personally, have lost a trusted guide and
an inspired teacher.  I, for one, have lost a true and steadfast friend.’

Former prime minister Tony Blair said Lord Sacks was:

“A man of huge intellectual stature but with the warmest human spirit … Jonathan was a wonderful friend,
a beloved mentor, a philosopher of extraordinary insight and of course a religious leader respected
well beyond the Jewish community and well beyond the shores of Britain.”

Another former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, wrote:

‘The voice of Jonathan Sacks is silent today and words cannot adequately explain the personal loss I and
so many now feel; and no single tribute can do justice to the lifetime achievements of such a great man. 
For Jonathan was not only renowned for his leadership as Chief Rabbi;
he was a philosopher, academic, writer, raconteur, broadcaster and teacher whose 
intellectual insights and moral leadership captured the imagination of a generation.’

Thus, there are many who grieve alongside Lord Sacks’ family. His youngest daughter, Gila Sacks, paid this moving tribute to her father at the memorial service on Sunday 8th November, saying that he had given her the belief that:

“Nothing was inevitable. That no problems were too big for people to try to solve.”