Increasing Rewards for Palestinian Terrorists

Ten years ago the Guardian reported on the murder of five members of a Jewish family in their own home by Palestinian terrorists.

Both parents of the Fogel family and three of their children, aged eleven, three and three months, were killed in the community of Itamar, near the city of Nablus.

Five murdered members of the Fogel family

They were found by  the couple’s twelve-year-old daughter who had been at a youth event elsewhere in the community. The two other children were unharmed having been asleep at the time of the attack.

Something that horrified many observers was the result of a survey the following month. Conducted by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research, it revealed that one third of Arab people governed by the Palestinian Authority (PA) supported the brutal murders.

That result was just one of many factors that cast doubt on the likelihood of the PA ever being a partner for making peace with Israel. Evidence was building up that the PA was inciting members of the Arab community to attack Israeli civilians and soldiers.

What is more troubling is that the PA continues that policy today, ten years after those horrific murders. The ongoing policy of incitement within the education curriculum was the subject of a Parliamentary lobby last year – questioning why the UK continues to support the PA education system when it is clearly a major obstacle to making peace.

And now this year, Palestinian Media Watch have reminded us all that having nearly completed ten years in prison, the Fogel family’s murderers are due to get a fifty percent increase in the salary paid to them by the PA.

The PA has been paying the two murderers a monthly salary since the day they were arrested. It has already paid each of them the equivalent of $101,847.

According to the PA’s 2004 Law of Prisoners and Released Prisoners, the salary paid to all terrorist prisoners rises according to the amount of time spent in prison. After 10 years it rises from 4,000 shekels per month to 6,000 per month.

It is incredible that so many nations in the international community support the PA when it openly misuses funds it receives in aid.