More UN Accusations Shown to be False

This week, Conservative MP Scott Benton led a debate in Westminster Hall on the UK’s voting record on UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolutions on Israel. The UNHRC is currently meeting online for its 46th session. But Mr Benton noted:

“It is deeply regrettable that the Council has failed so comprehensively in its noble mission,
while gaining a reputation as yet another politically exploited UN body …
It is simply unjustifiable that 90 condemnations have been passed against Israel, while
a mere 10 have been adopted on the world’s worst human rights abuser, Iran.”

“Astonishingly, no condemnations have been adopted on China, Russia,
Pakistan, Venezuela or other serial human rights abusers.”

One accusation made in the 46th session of the UNHRC is that Israel is operating an apartheid system within its COVID-19 vaccination programme. That accusation became very widespread in mainstream media during January.

But the error in many reports was highlighted when the BBC admitted it had made a mistake in its coverage of the situation; acknowledging that the Palestinian Authority has oversight of public health under the principles of self-determination.

When the same accusations surfaced at the UNHRC session, Israeli Arab Yoseph Haddad corrected the council members in very clear terms. Speaking on behalf of UN Watch, he told the council:

“Accusations have been made against Israel that its vaccination program is racist,
and that is not true. Like me, my family, friends and hundreds of thousands
of other Israeli Arabs have been vaccinated.

“The State of Israel is campaigning in Arabic to encourage us Israeli Arabs to get vaccinated and
Israel’s Magen David Adom National Rescue Organization,
which consists of Jews and Arabs, works directly with Arab communities
to vaccinate its residents.”