Rocket Barrages Continue on Sunday


The conflict continued to rage at intervals during the day. But one of today’s reports stands out about the reality of the situation in Israel. This report by Fox News` Trey Yingst was interrupted by interceptions of incoming rockets by Israel’s Iron Dome defence system and a fascinating conversation followed on.



More than 130 rockets were fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip overnight Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday morning, 11 of which landed within the Gaza Strip. Around 55 of those rockets were fired at central and southern Israel around midnight Saturday.

According to the IDF, that brings the total to almost 2,500 rockets fired at Israel since the start of the latest conflict on Monday evening,

Three hours of quiet were then broken by more rockets fired at 5am.  But there were no initial reports of injuries or damage. Then again, around noon more rocket barrages were fired at Ashkelon, Ashdod and Netivot.

West Bank

The Israelis extinguished around 60 brushfires in the West Bank on Saturday. Israeli Fire and Rescue Services officials say that at least half of the fires were started by firebombs and burning tires in protests.

Potential Ceasefire

Israel`s security cabinet was due to meet on Sunday afternoon to discuss continued operations in the Gaza Strip within the context of growing international pressure for a ceasefire. The United Nations Security Council is also scheduled to meet on Sunday to discuss the ongoing conflict.

International concern increased on Saturday in light of Hamas’ claims about children killed in Gaza and Israel’s demolition of the tower block that housed two foreign press organisations.