Widespread Support for Palestinians

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has held over the weekend with Egyptian mediators shuttling backwards and forwards to maintain it. Egyptian officials have visited the Palestinian Authority and their Foreign Minister was also due to meet Jordanian officials for discussions on reducing tensions and reviving the Middle East peace process.

Lynn Hastings, United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the Palestinian territories, said during a visit to Gaza on Sunday that they would launch an appeal to repair the damage done during 11 days of fighting. Sadly, this will help the Hamas terrorist group by repairing damage that it prompted by constructing a huge network of tunnels and its rocket assault on Israel.

She said that dire humanitarian circumstances in Gaza had been exacerbated by the latest fighting but were originally caused by almost 14 years of ‘blockade’ as well as internal political divisions.

US President Joe Biden says Washington will work with UN agencies to expedite humanitarian aid for Gaza but do so, "in a manner that does not permit Hamas to simply restock its military arsenal."

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated:

“We’ll be re-engaging with the Palestinians — of course continuing our deep engagement
with the Israelis — in trying to put in place conditions that allow us over time,
hopefully, to advance a genuine peace process.”

The problem is a complete lack of detail as to how aid agencies intend to avoid Hamas commandeering the materials shipped into Gaza, when it controls the area with ruthless force.

Just as troubling are rallies held in various cities around the world demonstrating widespread support for the ‘Palestinian cause.’ There was a rally in London for the second Saturday in a row. This time organisers claimed it included a huge total of 180,000 people.

That would make it one of the largest pro-Palestinian demonstrations ever held in the UK. The final gathering in Hyde Park heard speeches by Labour MPs, including John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn.

It is of major concern, to say the least, that so many people demonstrate in favour of the Palestinians when there is little or no condemnation of Hamas terrorists firing rockets indiscriminately at Israel’s civilian population, whilst using their own civilian population as human shields.

ILTV video report: War for hearts and minds raging on

As to be expected, many Israelis are unhappy with the outcome of this latest conflict. Weekend polls showed 47 percent opposing the ceasefire agreement while 35 percent supported it. The ceasefire has been criticised by many for stopping IDF operations before the ruling Hamas regime in Gaza was toppled.

Half of the respondents thought neither side had won the conflict and two thirds expect another round of fighting with Hamas within the next three years.