Hamas Breaks Ceasefire

After weeks of relative calm, Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups have broken the ceasefire agreement with Israel. The latest trouble started on Monday 16th August with two rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

According to Al-Monitor, the Palestinian terrorist factions informed Egypt that the situation in the Gaza Strip has reached a difficult stage and they were planning ‘anger marches’ along the Gaza border.

The first of those marches took place on Saturday with hundreds of Palestinians gathering near the northern part of the border for around three hours.

Some of them hurled explosives and fired at IDF forces. Others attempted to scale the border, and even attempted to steal the weapon of an IDF soldier. That soldier was then shot at point-blank range and evacuated to Soroka Hospital, where doctors are struggling to save his life.

In response to the rioting, Israeli planes struck four Hamas targets on Saturday night, including weapon depots and production facilities. No casualties were reported.

On Sunday the Palestinian factions held a joint news conference in which they said:

“We will not tolerate the continuation of the siege on the Gaza Strip,
so we announce that the popular activities will not stop
until the occupation halts its aggression in the West Bank
and Jerusalem and ends the blockade on Gaza.”

As part of that continuation, incendiary balloons were launched from Gaza on Sunday night, with a number of fires reported in southern Israel on Monday morning as well as the sound of explosions.

Particularly surprising about this renewal of hostilities is the fact that just two days earlier an agreement between Israel, Qatar and the United Nations was announced that would enable aid money to be transferred into Gaza. Transfer of that money has been delayed for months while Israel sought a mechanism that would prevent the money from going towards rearming Hamas.

In protest at Hamas’ renewed aggression, Egypt has closed its Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip just one week after it reopened. The Egyptians have put significant effort into the peace negotiations and appear to be furious with Hamas leaders breaking their word.

Here is i24 News’ recent report on the situation: