Successful Annual Conference

By God’s grace we were able to hold a successful conference on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th September, with much help from the pastors and members of Suncoast Church, Eastbourne.

A significant final problem arose just days before the conference, when our main scheduled speaker, Revd Dr Andy Angel, confirmed that he was not well enough to attend. So, we are deeply grateful to David Hoffbrand for taking Andy’s place at short notice.

David and his wife, Denise, have oversight responsibility for CityCoast Church, Brighton, part of INC (International Network of Churches).

David brought us three messages titled, ‘The Jewish Jesus’, ‘The Church and Israel’ and ‘One New Man’, which spoke to the very heart of our work with churches in the UK.

David Hoffbrand addressing the conferenceDavid Hoffbrand delivering his second message (YouTube screenshot)

Having set the general context in his message on Friday evening, David then presented us on Saturday with ten key points regarding the Church and its attitude towards Israel, followed up with five biblical principles for Jewish and Gentile believers to live and worship together as one people before God.

Clare Lambert then followed up with the final conference message on Saturday afternoon, about Jesus Returning as King, explaining the significant positive impact upon our personal lives that can flow from a correct perspective on God’s faithfulness and Christ’s forthcoming return.

Clare Lambert addressing the conference
Clare Lambert spoke about Jesus returning as King (YouTube screenshot)

All four conference messages were streamed live to the CFI UK YouTube channel, enabling a significant increase in the numbers who ‘attended’; and hundreds more people to watch the messages after the event.

We are very grateful to David and Clare, CFI UK volunteers, and Suncoast Church for all the help we received in running this conference within the challenging circumstances that the coronavirus pandemic continues to present.