Israelis Thwart Terror Attacks

Israeli security forces conducted a series of raids in Judea and Samaria overnight on Saturday seeking members of a terrorist cell thought to belong to Hamas. Some of the terrorists fought back, resulting in five being killed and two Israelis being wounded.

The raids are said to have prevented a major terror attack, as the cell was planning to conduct a series of kidnappings and murders across the country, including a major attack in Jerusalem.

Israel’s Defence Forces have recently arrested around 20 people suspected of being members of the cell. This weekend’s arrest operations began once security forces realised an attack was imminent.

Officials think there was a direct line of communication between members of the cell and the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, was enroute to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly, but stated that:

“Security forces acted tonight in Judea and Samaria against Hamas terrorists
who were about to carry out terrorist attacks. The soldiers and commanders
in the field acted as expected of them. We fully support them.”

The security forces believe there are more members of the same terror cell still at large.

Saturday night’s operation included five raids in five different locations, as described in this i24 News clip.

There have been several shooting attacks on IDF checkpoints in the region around Jenin recently. Israeli arrest operations, especially any near the Jenin refugee camp, have met an unusual volume of Palestinian gunfire.

The Palestinian Authority’s own security services are said to avoid the city, especially the refugee camp, presumably for fear of conflict with members of their opponents in the struggle for power.


On Monday the Israelis carried out more searches based on information gleaned from the captured members of the terrorist cell. During one of those they found ‘kilograms of explosives’ that had been hidden in a well, in preparation for an attack in Jerusalem.