Israel Remembers the Holocaust

In the Knesset Holocaust memorial ceremony held on Thursday, the president of the German Bundestag, Bärbel Bas, said:

“I humbly lower my head in shame before the victims of the Holocaust.
We cannot forget and we will not forget. Our historic guilt brings with it obligations.
We must fight with determination against antisemitism in all its forms
and keep alive the memory and pass it to the younger generations.”

In response, Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy told Bas that her visit symbolised the strong ties between the people of Israel and Germany – ties that he said are based on the historic responsibility that Germany took for the crimes of the Holocaust and for the security of Israel.

This year, the annual March of the Living at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland resumed after a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Only eight Holocaust survivors attended, and many commentators think it may be the final time that any survivors participate in the event.

For the first time, an Arab Israeli delegation of about two dozen participants took part in the March, including Arab Israeli Muslims, Christians and Druze.

And the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset was so moved by the occasion that he wept as he said a prayer for the dead in Germany’s Bundestag in Berlin. Speaking in Hebrew, he urged members to take extra measures to ensure memories of the Holocaust are preserved.