Western Media Focus on the Negative

There are more reports that Saudi Arabia is involved in serious talks with Israel to improve relations between the two countries. The Wall Street Journal describes the motivation as ‘building better business ties and creating new security arrangements’ – things that have become possible due to a shift among the Saudi public in favour of establishing official ties.

These ongoing private talks could produce a major change in Middle East politics and overcome decades of enmity between these two influential nations.

Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have official diplomatic relations, but feelings have warmed as Saudi leaders increasingly view Israel as a strategic partner in the fight against Iran and its widespread influence in the Middle East.

Officials in both countries are saying it is not a matter of `if`, but rather `when`, the two countries will publicly improve their relations, as other Arab countries have done through the Abraham Accords.

Given this news, Honest Reporting ask an important question. Why does Western Media coverage focus more on the negative BDS movement than positive news about Israel?