No Acceptance of Outrageous Distortions of History

At an international security conference in Israel on Tuesday, the British Foreign Secretary delivered a speech in which he stated that he is “delighted, genuinely delighted … to celebrate and publicise, and shout about, the strong bilateral relationship that the UK has with Israel.”

A key reason for that is the two countries’ shared stand against the extreme ideology of terrorists who “all insist that their political goals matter more than the lives of their innocent victims. They … insist that their anger justifies the spilling of other people`s blood.”

And speaking about the meeting he had planned with the Palestinian Authority for Wednesday, James Cleverly said he would “make it clear that rather than spreading disgusting antisemitic tropes and outrageous distortions of history, they should be clear in their denouncement of violence. They should be clear that there is no acceptance for brutality and terrorism. They should be clear there is no excuse to target Israelis, particularly Israeli civilians.”

This report by Sky News covers the whole speech 23-minute speech: