Hamas Launch Surprise Attack on Israel

On Saturday 7th October, Israel is in urgent need of prayer support. Hamas launched a surprise attack from the Gaza Strip at around 7am, initially firing some 5,000 rockets in just a couple of hours at areas in the south and centre of Israel, as far north as Tel Aviv. The rockets have killed at least 5 people and wounded more than 100.

Hamas have also attacked southern Israeli towns including Sderot with dozens of terrorists driving around in trucks, shooting at anyone they find. A leader within Hamas claims they have launched “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” and has appealed for other enemies of Israel to join the assault.

This surprise attack comes on the special Sabbath of Simchat Torah and is reminiscent of the Yom Kippur attack in October 1973.

By 7pm in Israel, fighting continued inside the south of the country and the Israelis reported 100 people dead and around 1,000 injured in these terrorist attacks. They have also acknowledged that a number of Israelis have been taken captive into the Gaza Strip.

Israeli aircraft are striking Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip but the presence of Israeli captives is clearly a major complication for their air force.

The following is the morning report from i24 News: