Israelis Reveal Truth about Gaza Hospital

At around 7pm on Tuesday 17th October, there were reports from the Hamas run Gaza Health Ministry of a strike on the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza City that had caused hundreds of civilian casualties.

Western news organisations, including the BBC, quickly picked up those reports and echoed them as if it was confirmed that it was an Israeli air strike that had caused the casualties. There was little or no checking of the number of casualties and who was responsible.

Consequently, Israel and the USA experienced a major setback from what has turned out to be a well-organised and highly effective Hamas propaganda campaign accusing the Israelis of causing hundreds of civilian casualties. As a result, the planned summit meeting between Joe Biden and the leaders of Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority was cancelled.

The Israelis were slow to respond, checking the facts carefully before they started to make statements later on Tuesday evening. Here is their presentation of what actually happened, which should be a reminder to all of us that information provided by Hamas cannot be trusted.

There is very clear evidence that the explosion in the hospital car park was caused by a faulty rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and that there was no major damage to the hospital buildings.