Israel Approves Partial Hostage Release

Last night Israel’s cabinet approved an agreement which should secure the release of 50 hostages who have been held in Gaza by Hamas for more than 6 weeks after their abduction from Southern Israel on Saturday 7th October.

The prime minister`s office issued a statement saying at least 50 women and children will be released over 4 days while there is a pause in the fighting. There is potential for the release of 10 more hostages each day if the pause in fighting is extended.

In its own statement, the Hamas terrorist group claimed the 50 hostages will be released in exchange for 150 Palestinian women and children who are being held in Israeli jails. However, other reports indicate that it is young terrorists who will be released – those who are not convicted of murder.

Once again it seems that Hamas are trying to portray moral equivalence between themselves and the Israelis.

This report by BBC News: