BBC Ignores Evidence Under Hospital

The BBC has repeatedly been accused of bias in its reporting of the Hamas-Israel war. Organisations like Honest Reporting and CAMERA UK have highlighted many shortcomings in the BBC’s reporting. These include efforts it has made to cast doubt upon the Israel Defence Forces’ (IDF) claims about Hamas terrorist facilities located underneath the Al Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The latest example of this bias is the BBC’s failure to report on extensive video evidence posted on YouTube by the IDF on Wednesday evening. By 9:45am on Thursday the most the BBC could bring themselves to say on their website’s live news feed was:

Hamas denies the allegations but the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has released what it says is evidence proving the claim. This includes video, released over the weekend, showing a tunnel shaft that the IDF said is located 10m underneath the facility - and runs for 55m.

Thus, more than 12 hours after the IDF released detailed evidence, the BBC was still failing to report it and only mentioned evidence produced four days before.

In contrast, by Thursday morning both ITV News and Sky News had reported something of the latest evidence – evidence that shows underground kitchen facilities, toilets, a dormitory room, weapons, and communications equipment. Indeed, ITV News reported it late on Wednesday evening, leaving the BBC more than 10 hours behind others with this latest news.

Given the importance of the BBC in terms of the number of people who rely on its news coverage, this omission is a major problem.

Many people are being denied the opportunity to see the evidence for themselves – evidence that Hamas have committed a crime against humanity by building extensive terrorist facilities underneath hospitals.