17 Hostages Released on Sunday

Another 17 hostages were released by Hamas on Sunday 26th November under the truce agreement with Israel. They included 13 Israelis, 1 Russian dual national and 3 Thais. That release brought the total number released under the agreement to 39 Israelis. Additionally, the Russian, 17 Thais and 1 Filipino have been released under separate agreements.


The 14 Israelis releasedThe 14 released Israelis, including a Russian dual national (courtesy picture)


Among Sunday’s group, the Americans welcomed the release of 4-year-old Abigail Edan, who has dual American-Israeli citizenship. She is the first of the American hostages to be freed – something that was starting to cause concerns that Hamas are holding American hostages back to put more pressure on President Biden.

Abigail has been through great trauma since the morning of 7th October, with her mother killed in front of her and then her father killed as he used his body to shield Abigail. Since then, she has endured 51 days as a hostage, one of which was her fourth birthday.

There are now expectations that another group of 11 Israeli hostages will be released today to complete the original agreement, although there seems to be a problem with the list of names that has been put forward. Israel has raised concerns over what may be another breach of the agreement not to separate families.