Hamas Terrorist Attack During Truce

Early this morning, shortly before the truce was due to expire, Israel decided to extend it by another day despite several breaches of the agreement by Hamas. On Tuesday, Hamas threw three explosive devices at IDF vehicles in Gaza, lightly wounding several soldiers; and on Wednesday there were reports of Hamas shooting at IDF soldiers who returned fire. Besides that, Hamas have separated family members between the groups of hostages freed, against the terms of the agreement with Israel.

Within an hour of the decision to extend the truce for another day, two members of Hamas who lived in East Jerusalem carried out an attack at a bus stop, killing three people and injuring another six before being shot dead. As well as the rifle and handgun used in the attack, their car was found to contain many other weapons.

Screenshot of attack location

This photo is a screenshot from surveillance camera footage at the start of the attack. The terrorists were later identified as 38-year-old Murad Namr and 30-year-old Ibrahim Namr. Israel’s Shin Bet Security Agency says the brothers were both members of Hamas and had previously been jailed for terrorist activity.

This latest breach of the truce agreement shows the extreme difficulty of the Israeli government’s position, trying to reach agreements with terrorists who simply want to eliminate Israel.