Hamas Drugged Hostages to Look Happy

When Israeli hostages were released during the seven-day truce in late November, many of them looked fairly relaxed and happy. While happiness might be expected of people who were being released from captivity by terrorists, tests have now shown that some of them were given tranquilisers to ensure they looked relaxed and happy, and give the impression that they had been treated well by their Hamas captors.

And while at first hospital officials said the hostages had come back in fairly good condition, later evidence reveals that is not the case. Professor Hagai Levine, the head of the medical team for the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, says that when some were transferred to rehabilitation centres their situation actually deteriorated. Due to a lack of medical treatment or various forms of torture, they have developed heart problems, had strokes, experienced disturbances in their liver function or in their renal function, and also had to cope with the psychological effect of being held hostage for seven weeks.

There is also the complication that many of them they cannot start the recovery process because other family members are still being held as hostages. Hamas separated fathers from mothers for example. So they are still preoccupied with the situation of their loved ones who are still under threat from their terrorist captors.

This report by i24 News: