Hamas Data Centre linked to UNRWA HQ

On Saturday the Israelis revealed a Hamas data centre that is located in tunnels and bunkers underneath UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza City. The facility included large banks of computer servers, power generators and other infrastructure that must have cost millions of dollars and required significant efforts to build and maintain.

UN officials are claiming that they knew nothing about it, but that claim is difficult to take seriously when this Hamas equipment was connected to UNRWA’s headquarters building above it in a way that indicates electricity was supplied through the UNRWA facility.

Israel thinks any competent electrician checking the UNRWA metres measuring the electricity their buildings were drawing would have realised there was something suspicious going on.

The facility was carefully hidden, such that the Israelis only discovered it when they found a tunnel entrance in a nearby UNRWA school and explored the 700-metre-long tunnel as it ran below the UNRWA HQ.

More detail in this ‘Boots on the Ground’ report by TBN Israel, with reporter Yair Pinto saying:

“This is conclusive tangible evidence of how UNRWA allows Hamas to use its infrastructure.”