Israel-Hezbollah Conflict Escalates

On Monday Israel carried out air strikes deep into Lebanon after Hezbollah shot down an Israeli drone. These were the first attacks on Hezbollah targets outside of the southern part of Lebanon, where Hezbollah have encroached upon Israel’s northern border in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

The Israelis struck about 11 miles west of the city of Baalbek, which is said to be a bastion of the Hezbollah group within the Bekaa Valley region. It borders an area of Syria controlled by the Syrian government – an ally of Hezbollah.

This video report by The Telegraph:



In response to the Israeli strikes, Hezbollah claims to have fired 60 Katyusha rockets at an Israeli military base in the Golan Heights. Video footage on social media shows several rockets exploding near to a bus whose passengers disembarked quickly to take cover.

There are no reports of injuries in the barrage.