UNRWA Caught Collaborating with Hamas

Since the start of the Hamas-Israel war, there has been controversy about collaboration between the United Nations Relief and Works agency, UNRWA, and the Hamas terrorists. That controversy raged in January when evidence was revealed of UNRWA employees actually participating in the 7th October massacre in Israel.

Now Israel has released video footage of Hamas terrorists operating next to United Nations vehicles at an UNRWA facility in Rafah, with the Israel Defence Forces spokesman saying:

“Today we revealed unusual documentation of armed terrorists
next to UN vehicles that were located a few days ago,
carrying out shootings inside the compound of UNRWA,
of the UN, in East Rafah.”

Israel’s Foreign Minister posted a comment on X saying that the UN can`t hide the truth:

“UNRWA is an arm of the terrorist organisation Hamas.”

This report by CBN News: