Analysis: How the conflict in Gaza is affecting Israelis

“I haven’t slept in weeks. I can’t eat. Anything I do eat I throw up again. Can you see me? I’m physically shaking even now.”

These words from Natalia – a Tel Aviv hotel receptionist speak volumes.

Over the past seven days I’ve spoken at length with Palestinian and Israeli experts, officials and campaigners in both the West Bank and Israel proper. There was much pontification on how best to implement a two state solution. The tragedy of Gaza was also discussed at length.

Despite the facts and logic which backed up many of these people’s arguments, I’ve forgotten much of what was said. There’s a limit to how much information you can take in and remember. The more I visit the Middle East the more I realise how difficult and complicated the situations are. But Natalia’s story has stayed with me, and I think it always will.