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 Row over Palestinian Aid

Donald Trump suggests the USA may stop aid payments to the Palestinian Authority ... Read More

 Tensions Reaching Dangerous Heights

Clashes indicate that tensions are rising to dangerous levels in and around Israel. ... Read More

 A Relationship in Trouble

The relationship between the USA and the Palestinian Authority is in serious difficulties ... Read More

 UN Delegates Stunned into Silence

The Human Rights Council challenged by the forthright words of a guest speaker ... Read More

 Clampdown on Palestinian Internet

Abbas reported to have issued an order allowing PA security forces to jail internet users ... Read More

 Open Letter to the Iona Community

A letter written in response to the Iona Community`s Position Statement on Israel/Palestine ... Read More

 Israel under Attack on Three Sides

Over the last few days Israel has suffered attacks from three different groups of their neighbours ... Read More

 ‘Pledge for Peace’ Lobby

On Wednesday 25th January 2017 around 170 people took part in a lobby of Parliament ... Read More

 ICC team to Visit Israel

Israel has agreed to host a team from the International Criminal Court ... Read More

 Hamas accused of stealing millions in aid

Israel`s Shin Bet security service claims that Hamas siphoned off `tens of millions of dollars` ... Read More

 The High Price of High Morals

Controversy rages on from the 24th March shooting by Israeli soldier of a Palestinian assailant ... Read More

 Some Lords Speak Out for Israel

On 21st July the House of Lords debated the situation of children in what is called Palestine ... Read More

 Five Steps for Peace

Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a powerful message to Mahmoud Abbas ... Read More

 Talking to Terrorists

Once again a French government official has met representatives of Hezbollah ... Read More

 A Genuine Desire for Justice?

On Thursday the UN Security Council condemned the Tel Aviv terrorist attack ... Read More

 A Stumbling Block on the Path to Peace

Back in February the French launched a new peace initiative that they hoped would help ... Read More

 Battle for the Truth

Amit Deri of the 'Reservists in Front' group speaks in defence of the reputation of the IDF ... Read More

 Defending Palestine - Defending Islam

In meeting with Islamic Jihad leaders, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made some crucial statements ... Read More

 Renewed fighting on Gaza Border

This morning the IDF reported a mortar attack that was the seventh in a series ... Read More

 Security Preferred to Sacrifice

The IDF have imposed a general closure on the West Bank and Gaza ... Read More

 Threats, Tunnels and Terrorists

The prospects for peace in Israel at Passover do not look good. ... Read More

 A tense and emotional debate

An emotional debate has raged recently over the activities of a group called Breaking the Silence ... Read More

 The violence looks set to continue

Sixty seven percent of Palestinians support the use of knives against Israel ... Read More

 The challenge of the Blood Moon

A lot of interest has arisen in the `blood moon prophecies` ... ... Read More

 Hamas manipulated and intimidated the media in Gaza

Alan Johnson blogs for the Daily Telegraph ... Read More