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 Tensions Reaching Dangerous Heights

Clashes indicate that tensions are rising to dangerous levels in and around Israel. ... Read More

 UN Delegates Stunned into Silence

The Human Rights Council challenged by the forthright words of a guest speaker ... Read More

 Open Letter to the Iona Community

A letter written in response to the Iona Community`s Position Statement on Israel/Palestine ... Read More

 Israel under Attack on Three Sides

Over the last few days Israel has suffered attacks from three different groups of their neighbours ... Read More

 Four Killed in Jerusalem Truck Attack

The deadliest attack in more than a year of violence took place in Jerusalem on Sunday ... Read More

 ICC team to Visit Israel

Israel has agreed to host a team from the International Criminal Court ... Read More

 Hamas accused of stealing millions in aid

Israel`s Shin Bet security service claims that Hamas siphoned off `tens of millions of dollars` ... Read More

 The High Price of High Morals

Controversy rages on from the 24th March shooting by Israeli soldier of a Palestinian assailant ... Read More

 Another Deception in the Media War

Claims that a Jewish rabbi has given Jewish settlers permission `to poison water sources` ... Read More

 A Stumbling Block on the Path to Peace

Back in February the French launched a new peace initiative that they hoped would help ... Read More

 Renewed fighting on Gaza Border

This morning the IDF reported a mortar attack that was the seventh in a series ... Read More

 Threats, Tunnels and Terrorists

The prospects for peace in Israel at Passover do not look good. ... Read More

 The continuing glorification of terror

The day after an attack, Hamas encourages the proclamation of the attacker as a national hero ... Read More

 A tense and emotional debate

An emotional debate has raged recently over the activities of a group called Breaking the Silence ... Read More

 The challenge of the Blood Moon

A lot of interest has arisen in the `blood moon prophecies` ... ... Read More

 The need to choose friends carefully

Jeremy Corbyn is challenged on some of his 'friends' ... Read More

 Israeli spy: 'bigger picture' made me defect from Hamas

Watch Mosab Hasan Yousef's interview on Channel 4 News ... Read More

 Netanyahu: Abbas Must End Hamas Pact

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must abandon Fatah's pact with Hamas if he wants peace, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Net ... Read More

 Why Shouldn't Hamas Dig Tunnels?

A response from HonestReporting ... Read More

 Your Questions on Hamas Answered

Who are Hamas? What are their aims? Find out here... ... Read More

 Israel's Right To Self Defense

Alan M. Dershowitz writes on the striking contrast between Hamas and Israel ... Read More