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 A Busy Month

The month of May was a busy one for CFI UK. ... Read More

 More Unexpected Discoveries

Archaeology in the Middle East continues to reveal the truth of the Bible and a rich history ... Read More

 Blessings flow amid the tensions

The tense atmosphere at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem continued on Monday ... Read More

 Why Does Your Creed have Cows in It?

"I saw religion as a list of doctrinal bullet points to be affirmed. But as I started learn about the Bible`s Hebraic context .. ... Read More

 Rev Nicky Gumbel interviews Israeli Ambassador

Must-watch clip of Rev Nicky Gumbel interviewing Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub. ... Read More

 Be A Bridge, Not An Island

A thought provoking blog from Lois Tverberg ... Read More