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During the successful Isaiah 62 Global Prayer initiative in May, several key passages of Old Testament scripture have been prayed over and declared in many unique environments. In chapter 62 of the Book of Isaiah we see the great desire of the LORD to bless Zion. Churches generally may not have been familiar with these twelve verses written by Isaiah. But many of us know we are indeed called to be watchmen, messengers or intercessors – those who are to remind God of his promises.

After these 21 days of fasting and prayer in which we at CFI UK were involved via Zoom, alongside millions of believers, the key phrase God draws my mind to now is “not silent“, or in other translations “Do not keep silent” (see v1, 6a, 6b). Then in verse 7 there’s a call to persist in prayer and praise and “Give him no rest”.

Some of the aspects I feel led to focus on in prayer in this season:

  • We need to hear from God more than ever before – we mustn’t cease praying, we must persist to uphold Israel and the Jewish people so that no fruit from this initiative is lost from the kingdom.
  • Pray for resilience in prayer (Matthew 26:41) and an increase in supernatural faith for believers from now on. Pray for God’s protection and leading for yourself and those who gathered during the 21 days of prayer.
  • Silence is not an option now. As Elie Wiesel said after the Holocaust, silence encourages justice to be stolen, hope to fail and salvation to be deterred, and much more too. Ask the Lord how you should pray.
  • Antisemitism is still rising in Eastern and Western Europe and the threat to Israel is as great as ever. Pray for all antisemitism to be challenged and shown as hate. Israel is preparing for what may be a multi-front war. Ask God to expose all who rage against her.
  • From the time the Lord set the Isaiah 62 prayer initiative in the heart of IHOP and people like Mike Bickle, it was staggering to realise that by the time the 21 days of prayer began Israel was facing major crises. There were huge demonstrations against government plans for judicial reform, escalation in violence towards Israelis by Palestinian youths, and Iran pressing on towards nuclear weapons to be aimed at her. Surely our times are in God’s hands and he neither slumbers nor sleeps. Pray for his ways and his kingdom to be known in the hearts of the people of Israel, and for his extraordinary power and salvation to be declared in many ways through word of mouth and the media.
  • Pray for spiritual restoration to sweep the nations and for mighty acts of repentance recognising God for who he is (Isaiah 43:11) and bringing attention back to his will and purposes. Pray they see God as their defender (Isaiah 54:16-17).
  • The responsibility of those in leadership and authority is great: consider the stance of the UN and the uproar at their positioning of Israel’s enemies into positions of great influence despite sheer hypocrisy. Don’t be silent: pray for courage and opportunity for those who can speak out in these circles and ask God to show the UN not to place Iran in greater influence.
  • Pray for church leaders and rabbis to hear directly about increasing prayer, for the Holy Spirit to teach every heart, for strong godly leading and discernment to strengthen each believer.
  • There are also many references in Scripture to God not being silent: pray that each of us will hear from him and love what he loves.
  • Pray for world media coverage of events in the Middle East, that integrity and balance will feature, as the opposite incites hate, violence and conflict, as well as affecting national security. See a short film on our YouTube channel for more understanding.
  • Remind God of his promises to regather Israel (Ezekiel 36:22-32) and then to fill her with his Holy Spirit (v26). Aliyah continues – the Jews returning to their Promised Land. Pray for each person, family and community as the Lord establishes them in homes, education, work and traditions.


Julia Soakell

June 2023