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Oath of the Covenant, the

Author: Kelvin Crombie

Product code: B470

What exactly does the term 'Covenant' mean for followers of Jesus?

Covenants are essentially 'legal' agreements between two entities, which are then sealed or confirmed by the swearing of an oath.  Covenants invariably included promises and conditions.

Jeremiah prophesied that God would make (or cut) a new covenant with Israel.  This covenant, he stated, would not be like the covenant that God made with their forefathers when He led them out of Egypt.

This book provides some insights into the meaning of oath and covenant gleaned from certain episodes from Israel's history, particularly the covenant between Joshua and the Gibeonites.  These insights help us to relate to how covenant was understood in ancient Israel (and later by Jesus and His Jewish followers).

About the Author

Kelvin Crombie

Kelvin and Lexie Crombie lived in Israel for nearly twenty-five years, and their four daughters, Orit, Nirel, Talia and Abigail were all born there.

Kelvin was based at Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem. He developed an intimate and profound knowledge about the history of the restoration of Israel and particularly the role of the ANZACs in that restoration, and has published a book, documentary DVD and pamphlets on the subject.

The Crombie family has relocated back to Perth, Western Australia, and is available to speak about his work in Israel, and the unique relationship between Australia & New Zealand and Israel.