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Paperback, 384 pages

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Israel, the Jews ...and You

Author: Steve Maltz

Product code: B438

The COMPLETE story from Abraham to Armageddon

Israel, the Jews and you: there’s a connection here, held together by God’s love and righteousness. This book traces the sweeping, surprising and poignant story of God’s ancient people from Bible times, through European history, right up to the current situation in the Middle East ... and beyond.
Steve Maltz’s writing style ensures a lively, entertaining and easy read, but it is not a comfortable book. Prepare to be deeply challenged.
It poses and answers such questions as:
  • How have the Jews managed to survive so long?
  • Why have they been so hated by so many other people for so many different reasons?
  • Have Christians supplanted the Jewish people as the only “People of God”?
  • Who has the right to the Holy Land and how does this affect others in the Middle East?
  • Why should these questions bother, irritate and energise Christians living thousands of miles away in towns and villages all over the World? 
The central material of this book has already appeared in two earlier books “The Land of Many Names” and “The People of Many Names” brought up to date with new material and a tighter narrative.
"I really enjoyed reading it, as with all your writing. Flavoured wih yiddish wit, I always find fresh insights and useful information ... I count myself as one of your admirers"
David Pawson, Bible teacher, writer and speaker
"Excellent book!"
John Pantry, Premier Radio - Inspirational Breakfast
"Just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know how much I am enjoying your new book. Only managed to pick it up this week and am a hundred pages in. Really good read, well done – I especially like the re-occurrences of Mr Shoots and Mr Roots! Makes me smile lots. I will be in contact again when it’s finished!"
Pastor Jon Cluett, The Church at Stirling
"Just finished your book this morning!! It's excellent... thanks so much for sending it thru ... Thanks so much for being You!!
Jane Urquart, Kingdom Faith
"Really good, to the point of being 'bonkers good', packed with info and understanding - I would highly recommend it as a resource and a means of encouragement to your friends in the Lord"
David Mckinney
“When he writes, he never pulls his punches. If you pick up a Steve Maltz book, expect a confrontation ..with truth!”
Chris Hill, Bible teacher, speaker and writer

About the Author

Steve Maltz

A freelance web consultant, writer, blogger and the founder of Saffron Planet, the Christian web radio initiative. He is married with three sons and two freeloading cats and lives in East London.