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Plain Man`s Guide to the Middle East Conflict, A

Author: Steve Maltz

Product code: BT20

There is nothing more confusing than the Israel/Arab conflict. This sets course for the heart of the matter and tries to make sense of it all, providing a simple explanation of its development, including the Jewish and Arab claims to the land.

Millions of words have been written and spoken about it, but how much of it has truly sunk in, how much of it has made sense, how much of it has been untainted by personal opinion or editorial slant? 

Jews and Zionists will tell you one thing whilst Arabs and Arabists will tell you the opposite - surely they can`t both be right, surely there can be only one truth, one set of proven historical events that can unravel the whole mess? This brief guide seeks to shed light on the issue for the uninitiated.

Published 2012.

About the Author

Steve Maltz

A freelance web consultant, writer, blogger and the founder of Saffron Planet, the Christian web radio initiative. He is married with three sons and two freeloading cats and lives in East London.