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Paperback, 95 pages

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Praying for Israel and the Arab Nations


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This is to help Christian friends of Israel receive Godís heart of love for the Arabs, alongside their commitment to the Jews. Likewise for those whom God has called to minister to the Arab world to learn to pray with Godís heart for the people of Israel.

Penny Valentine's latest study/prayer guide follows the same format as her first book Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem, which has helped thousands of readers to pray effectively for Israel. Once again, 40 short biblical studies form a springboard from which to pray scripturally for various issues relevant today, but this time prayer is also included for Israel's Arab neighbours, also mentioned in the Bible and sharing a prophetic destiny in God's Kingdom.

God's people are back in their homeland and amongst their Arab brethren by His power and promise in fulfilment of His Word, and are a key to the salvation of the Muslim world. After all, Jews and Arabs of the Middle East, as the prophet Isaiah says (19:24), are called together to be 'a blessing in the midst of the earth'.

For that reason, this book begins with a study on reconciliation as in the emotive, polarised climate of the Arab-Israeli conflict it is essential that we stand apart from accepted cultural attitudes on both sides and learn to love both peoples as those who are dear to God's heart.

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