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PAL, 407 minutes

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Praying Through the Land of Israel. Volumes 1-4 (DVD)

Gaza, Judea, The Jordan Valley, The Golan Heights

Author: Intercessors for Israel

Product code: D116

Previously available seperately, join IFI on four prayer tours of Israel which give important historical, geographical, and spiritual backgrounds, so you can pray both in Spirit and with understanding for God's will to be done in His land.

Visit places and see their significance in God's unfolding story, praying into current and future events related to each site and what is written in the Bible. This DVD set consists of the first four volumes in the series: 
Volume 1: Gaza (43 minutes)
Made before Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, there was much prayer that Israel would do God’s will regarding Gaza, and a warning of the possible consequences of disobedience.
Volume 2: Judea (94 minutes)
The Biblical heartland of Israel, Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem are the Biblical “mountains of Israel”, where God promises to meet with His People and reveal Himself to them.
Volume 3: The Jordan Valley (104 minutes)
The eastern border of present day Israel, strategically, it guards the eastern approach to the major population centres of Israel from attack by Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
Volume 4: The Golan Heights (166 minutes)
Part of Biblical Bashan, this is one of the most beautiful and strategically important areas of Israel. Besides being a barrier to an attack from the northeast, it supplies one third of the Sea of Galilee’s water. It was also an important location in Yeshua’s ministry, the site of teaching, miracles, deliverance and revelation.

About the Author

Intercessors for Israel

Seeks to raise up a prayer army in and for Israel. Though they are burdened to teach about and stimulate prayer in the lives of individual believers and in local congregations, their primary calling is to intercede before God in behalf of the people and Land of Israel, and to do their part in the battle to prepare the way for the return of the Lord.