I read recently a quote from Bart Millard, writer of the songI can only imagine.

Bart Millard

We can all agree when he says that:

“God has hard-wired us as a remembering people.” 

  He goes on to say:

In fact, a memory of the past is central to biblical faith – the Scriptures are full of commandments to remember all that God has done for us.”


I love Psalm 105 – its starts off with praise, as all great songs should do, and then encourages the reader to remember the past provision of God throughout the Scriptures.

We can imagine the oral traditions passing down from generation to generation through Abraham, the patriarchs and each and every family probably through the history of the Jewish people. David says several times that God remembers his promises too – we all hold fast to the fact that God won’t change his mind and won’t decide to stop loving us as individuals.

In the churches around this country there are those who completely understand that God made special promises to Israel – not for her own sake but for his glory (as we see in Ezekiel 36). The biblical encouragements to remember most often call us back, not to our own individual pasts, but to the past provision of God in history, his promises to Abraham, the salvation seen in the Passover, through the Exodus and then through the wilderness.

These amazing promises, and so many more, are crucial for us to see the sovereignty of God and his character. When people think about Israel, in the broader church perhaps, their perception is either marred or at best limited.

Can we ask that you pray that the Lord brings revelation by his Holy Spirit to the Christian church in our nation; to bring Scripture (Hebrew 4:12) to spiritually dissolve and remove wrong teaching, apathy, misunderstandings and of course any anti-Semitism, so the Church will see God is promise-maker and promise-keeper. Pray that these essential truths bring to the heads, and then the hearts, of believers a new openness to the Hebrew Scriptures and the vitality of the roots into which we are grafted.

I believe the ploy of the enemy is to distract us often and draw believers to focus on the political situation, and to bring confusion or controversy. The emphasis we should seek is on what God says, how his Holy Spirit guides and what he shows through Scripture.

God does not change – please pray that the essential message of Romans 9-11 is not lost on believers – there are those who say that God has replaced Israel with the Church, but:

“Paul gives the fullest teaching of the Bible concerning Israel  ... and how we ought to interpret the Old Testament
‘I am speaking the truth in Christ. I am not lying’. Romans 9 1-5.” *

Pray too that they will see his great and constant grace, as Israel was precious to him but still sinned and went their own way – yet God remains faithful (Psalm 89:5, 33), even to the end of time. We all need that same grace (Jeremiah 17:9).

From here we can pray that both the Church and the people of Israel, have great revelation in seeing that same faithfulness through Israel’s more recent history. This is prophecy fulfilled in our days – and a reason to rejoice. If we look at Israel even from 1948 with the nation being ‘born in a day’ and the various assaults on Israel, we can be stirred and steadfast. We can be assured that the Lord will bring to fruition all he has spoken and promised about Israel and these days, and that will drive us to study his word and to pray.

Use Psalm 46 as a declaration and a focus for prayer

Pray that we will have a hundred more CFI Church Links and Regional Links** around the UK, able to distribute balanced and scriptural literature from CFI into the hands of the broader Church to help encourage and teach.

Julia Soakell
June 2018


*   Excerpt from ‘The Christian, Israel and the Hope of World Revival’ by Michael Eaton available from CFI’s web shop.
** If you are interested in being a Link for CFI email julia.soakell@cfi.org.uk