The first CFI Prayer Conference conducted by Zoom was held in early October and focused on Remembering Zion, from Psalm 137. These are the main prayer points from each session, including updates from Project Coordinators among our CFI Jerusalem staff:

Remembering Zion from the UK

  • Pray for the Jewish Communities and the fear they now have for their families.
  • Pray the Lord will direct more to make Aliyah and fulfil scriptures
  • Pray for our government and how they handle antisemitic hatred in society and in politics too.
  • Pray for our police that failure to prosecute antisemitic crime will stop.
  • Pray for the Crown Prosecution service to be filled with God-fearing believers and those who can see the alarming trends of the days.
  • Pray that ordinary people, non-believers, Muslims, nominal and spirit-filled believers will see the need for tolerance and support for the Jewish people.
  • Pray too for churches to reach out across communities and show solidarity.
  • As we see the escalation of antisemitism, pray for the way our nations deal with Israel and the Jewish Communities around the globe (Isaiah 60:12).
  • Pray for a mighty wave of supernatural revelation about our Hebraic roots, leadership especially.
  • Pray the Lord stops all new Bible translations that minimise the Sovereignty of God and reduce mention of Israel, with its centrality to the whole word of God (in particular, pray about the new Danish Bible Society edition).
  • Pray for educators and teaching on the Holocaust.

Pray for Scotland where parts of the Church still hold to Replacement Theology. Pray for blind eyes/closed minds to be opened. Pray for leaders/believers to be guided by the Word not the media and for recognition of the Covenants. Pray where antisemitism remains, it will be rooted out.

Candidates are now being selected for the Holyrood elections in 2021. Pray that political opinion and values will be influenced by alignment to the word of God, not party doctrines or personal ambition. Pray for MSPs to be favourable towards Israel.

Foreign Affairs is a Westminster issue though the Scottish parliament does raise its voice. Pray for truth to be shared in the Parliament, for antisemitism to be exposed and uprooted and for the Cross Party Group, Building Bridges with Israel, when they meet on Thursday 15th October.

Pray about Aliyah for Jews in Scotland/UK, to make plans now while they still can. Pray that believers led by the Holy Spirit will recognise their responsibility to pray for and support this (Genesis 12:3)

Remembering Zion - those in the Land

Today Israel is in a strict, extended, second COVID lockdown until the end of the High Holidays. Infection rates are lessening though. Pray into aspects of fear in the pandemic, isolation and the impact on families and different communities. Fines are being issued for lack of compliance to new rules.

Pray about the effect on the economy and tourism; particularly on the Ethiopian community, increases in poverty, for assimilation and the Hope for the Future project, overseen by Marcia Brunson, now very limited due to the virus.

Pray for Godly influences on decision-making with international agreements, and for supernatural revelation of Scripture for Knesset members. Pray protection on Israel’s borders. Pray for more nations to move embassies to Jerusalem and for the American elections, where outcomes could affect the policies of Israel`s closest friend and ally, and UK relations too.

Pray for protection and blessing for Messianic /Arab Christians in fellowships around Israel, some experiencing persecution. Pray for strong leadership and for better relationships with Orthodox communities and all the divinely led connections that CFI can encourage through Kim Brunson as he oversees project First Fruits.

Pray for CFI projects like Forsake Them Not, where visits are curtailed, communication and encouragement are only through sending cards and making phone calls. Pray for Olga and Tanya.

Pray for Maggie Huang, overseeing Communities Under Attack and Under His Wings, especially in the city of Sderot, where constant bombardment from Gaza, trauma and reliance on antidepressants is common in most families. Pray for more financial gifts so these projects are not hindered.

Julia Soakell

October 2020