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Resurrection, Israel & the Consummation of History (Video On Demand)

Two Plenary Messages From The CFI-UK Annual Conference 2007

Author: Dwight Pryor

Product code: V111

Resurrection of the dead is a foundational doctrine of faith for every Believer (Hebrews 6:2) but in contemporary Christianity it receives little attention. Dwight reveals how the implications are profound as well as pervasive in the New Testament.

Far from being just a metaphor for some kind of postdeath existence;
  • What does it mean really?
  • How do the Jewish and Christian views of resurrection differ? 
  • What kind of “spiritual” bodies will we have, and what about the “Rapture” of the Church? 
  • What does resurrection mean for the future of Israel, and indeed the whole Earth? 
  • How should it shape our present lives in Messiah, living as we are “between the resurrections”? 
Dr Dwight Pryor addresses these crucial questions in these two timeless messages on this re-issued set, recorded originally at the 2007 CFI-UK Annual Conference.


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About the Author

Dwight Pryor

(1945-2011) Founder of the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies in Dayton, Ohio. He was also a founding board member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research in Israel. While studying in the Land, he came to realise the critical importance of understanding Christianity's Hebraic origins and dimensions and worked with both Christian and Jewish scholars there researching the backgrounds to the life and teachings of Yeshua Mi Natzeret, (Jesus of Nazareth) the Jewish Messiah.

As one of the most widely acclaimed teachers on the subject, for over 25 years Dwight and his wife Keren travelled world wide with their teaching and preaching ministry, seeking to make available to the Church an ever-growing wealth of study materials.

Their main aim was to equip believers for a fruitful life of participation in the purposes of God by learning how to think biblically. With this in mind they created a way for disciples, serious about understanding the Bible and yearning to get back to the Jewish/Hebraic foundations of their faith, to benefit from the teaching ministry of Dwight on an ongoing basis.